The Magic of Kappas

Spring 2021 Alpha Class Recruitment

Rush Schedule

Welcome to our Spring 2021 Recruitment: The Magic of Kappas! Learn more about our sisterhood during a week of mystical events. All events will be held virtually via WebEx. Please RSVP using the link above to reserve your spot. 

For questions or concerns, please reach out to our recruitment chairs:

☽ Kelly Tran *Concerto* ☾

☽ Zoe Spellen *Variante* ☾


Why Kappas?

We are the fastest growing Asian-interest sorority in the nation! Our mission is to make a difference in the Asian-American community by securing bonds of sisterhood, coming together to serve the community, and hosting events that promote cultural diversity and awareness. Even though we are Asian-interested, we are NOT Asian-exclusive.

We are also the newest multicultural sorority on campus! Having just recently chartered in the Spring, we are driven to grow our sisterhood and provide a place for strong and passionate women to empower one another while making a positive impact on campus.